"Sarah has provided me with numerous tools to use in my romantic relationship as well as the relationships with my children.  Sarah does not use "psychobabble", instead, she provides no-nonsense solutions and strategies in dealing with my troubled teen and other important people in my life.  My teenager, who currently dislikes everyone and everything, even liked the counseling he received from Sarah.  Sarah is a totally relatable person and immediately makes you feel at ease during counseling sessions.  I feel very luck to have a practitioner of her caliber."


"As with any relationship, finding the right therapist can be challenging.  Sarah Longson is the best in her field.  She puts things in such a way so they are easily understood.  Sarah has kept my interest by doing this.  Without a doubt, she has changed both mine and my family's life for the better.  I look forward to each session even when there is a feeling of apprehension or anxiety...Of the many therapists I've had the privilege of working with, Sarah has touched my life more than any other.  You can definitely tell she takes pride in her work! Thank you!"


"You can tell Sarah cares about what she does.  Sarah has a way of using stories or metaphors that makes things easy for me to understand."